An injury on the job carries with it special kinds of loss. For the suffering person, there’s the loss of identity and purpose the come from having steady and fulfilling work. Compounding whatever medical and rehabilitative challenges arise. And for the organization, there’s the loss of productivity and cohesion that follow on from losing, even for a short time, a valued team member.

With GB as your partner for workers’ compensation, you’ve got someone who understands that. And someone who understands the particular nature and significance of your company’s claims. Claims aren’t all alike; each is a story unique to the person suffering. And unique to your company. We get that. We’re steeped in experience across virtually every sector, including:  Transportation, Retail, Government, Education, Hospitality, Healthcare and more. So whether it’s cuts and burns in your restaurant or repetitive stress on your assembly line, we’ve got the people and the platforms that can get your people back to work sooner. And better.

Whatever the variables of your organization, there’s a powerful constant when it comes to workers’ compensation. That communication, timeliness and the proper application of services at the right time make all the difference between an ordinary outcome and a demonstrably superior outcome.

It’s perhaps best shown through GBCare, our program of platforms and solutions that improve the claims experience at every milestone from notification to recovery to return to work. Click here to learn more about how it all works.

To learn more about how putting GB to work can help get you and yours back to work, we invite you to connect with us.

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