Gallagher Bassett is ready to help you take care of your business, and take care of the environment, with a suite of risk control solutions that bring clarity and commitment to environmental health and safety. With our Aires Consulting division, we’ve put together a team that’s working with clients to reduce risk and create healthier workplaces for all of us.

Our emphasis on environmental health and safety is to help you prevent or mitigate the negative effects when things go wrong in your operations. And to help you reduce or eliminate the negative effects of your normal operations.

The team consists of Risk Control experts with specific and extensive industry expertise. Including more than two dozen ASSE members. We’re strategically located across the US, to better serve our clients wherever Environmental H & S issues are coming to the top. We’ve got a team that can help you understand and comply with everything from local business codes through federal agencies like OSHA, NTSB, EPA, and Mine Safety. So whether your business is on the move in transportation, or keeping laborers safe from exposure to harmful agents on a construction site, you’ve got a partner who knows the risk factors. And will work with you to master them.

Let us show you how GB can partner with you to go beyond reducing risk to your people. And help you reduce risk to the world around us. To learn more, we invite you to connect with us.

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