“Where’s the data?” More than any other, that’s the question facing your business today. And for professionals looking to make the most of their claims management program, LUMINOS from GB is the answer.

We began with Origami Risk, Advisen’s top-rated platform, and built out and up from there. Creating an industry leading RMIS solution that delivers information to you, exactly how and where you need it. Your business never stands still. One minute you’re diving deep into the status of a single event within a single claim. And the next? You’re delivering the macro-statistics for an entire program’s performance to your stakeholders. Our RMIS solution can handle any, and all, of your risk management program data needs. LUMINOS lets you illuminate any corner, no matter how small or large.

Now you can collect, import, and track exposure data. Accurately assess your total cost of risk and automate the allocation process across your entire organization. Consolidate data from multiple data sources with our integration tools. And manage your policy, fleet, and property information.

LUMINOS has earned high marks from Advisen’s RMIS Review in Technology, Functionality, and Organization. Your information is accessible in an intuitive and powerful way. With creative, user friendly data visualization tools, you can more easily monitor incident, claim, and financial activity.

And since it’s mobile-friendly, LUMINOS is made to do it all no matter where business takes you.

It’s another great example of how Gallagher Bassett is implementing the technologies and solutions that will help propel your program to the next level of superior claims management.

We invite you to learn more about how LUMINOS can light up your program brighter than ever before. We invite you to connect with us.

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