If knowledge is power, then this is your high-voltage line. Welcome to RISX-FACS®.

It’s Gallagher Bassett’s proprietary, comprehensive claims and loss control information management system. And it’s the indispensable tool of your total risk management program. We put the power to report, review, analyze and decide right in your hands. A single, proprietary environment that not only collects, sorts and stores complete and accurate information on every claim – it gives you the freedom to find the last detail 24/7/365.

Who built the pyramids? Why, you did, of course.

But with a whole lot of help from GB. The Pyramid is GB’s term for the customized assembly that becomes your own, most powerful claim reporting structure. Together, we build it, block by block, out of the needs and desires of your business. Information flows precisely where and how you want it, from one level to the next throughout your organization.

And it’s a whole lot easier to modify as your needs change than the originals. Our Pyramid is designed for maximum flexibility. To be ready to meet your evolving needs. So that as more and more variables come into play, your ability to get and share the data you need for peace of mind and better insights remains constant.

Ease of reporting. Real time-data. Custom reports. And the assurance of backup and data recovery. That’s the sort of confidence that comes from being truly powerful.

To learn more about making the power of RISX-FACS yours, we invite you to connect with us.

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